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A hand truck designed exclusively for inflatables

The Jolly Dolly converts to a wagon with the optional trailer dolly for easy transport of heavy inflatables across long distances. It hauls blowers, sandbags, stakes, tarps, cords, and other accessories as well.

Take a closer look and compare this dolly to others on the market. You will see why the Jolly Dolly is the best!

The Jolly Dolly is a super-heavy-duty hand truck designed to move heavy inflatables over difficult terrain. It has big, wide tires with heavy duty bearings for a super-smooth ride. It has a long frame for maximum leverage and curved ribs to cradle the inflatable.

The Jolly Dolly was designed, tested, and perfected by inflatable delivery crews to  maneuver 300+ pound inflatables in off-road conditions like grass, dirt, gravel, mud, and bumpy terrain. No other dolly compares!