Motorized Dolly Comparison

Compare the Jolly Dolly Power Plus with other motorized dollies on the market for inflatables and you’ll quickly see why Jolly Dolly is the clear winner.


Extensive research, testing, and design improvements over our competitors were they key elements of the Power Plus product development. We wanted to have a reliable motorized dolly that would out-perform the competition and would be the best choice for inflatable operators.

Motor: We’re utilizing a 650-watt 36-volt motor with a planetary gear reduction to maximize torque and power.

Batteries: We noticed all of our competitors were using  12-amp hour batteries with quick connect terminals not designed for high amp draw. We decided to use much bigger and longer lasting 18 amp-hour batteries with bolt-on terminals to insure a good connection that will not loosen over time. That gives you 50% more run time and greater reliability.

Frame: Since inflatables are ROUND, I designed a recessed frame to cradle inflatables and keep them from rolling off the dolly. Look around… almost every inflatable dolly on the market has a flat frame… WHY???

Axle & Bearings: We utilize a chain-driven differential with 1″ solid axles mounted on precision pillow block bearings. This gives the Power Plus an ultra-smooth ride and eliminates the hassle of replacing worn out bearings. 

Tires: We use 6-ply trailer tires for maximum reliability and minimal air loss. Other motorized dollies use low-pressure  lawnmower turf tires. Our wheels and tires have a higher weight rating and will last longer because they are designed to take a beating.  

Cargo Capability: Besides hauling bounce houses and water slides, the Power Plus can haul accessories like blowers, cords, sandbags, tarps, etc. using the specially designed recessed cargo rails. Other motorized dollies have only cross members with gaps between them, so items that size will fall right through.