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We get asked a lot of questions about the Jolly Dolly, and we’re happy to answer all of them. Feel free to email us or message us on Facebook if your question isn’t covered here.

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The Jolly Dolly has came together after years of research and being an owner of an inflatable rental company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to high demand and parts shortages, there is a waiting list for all types of dollies. If you submit a quote request on the contact us page, we will give you an estimated wait time. Production times are estimated based on many factors, but not guaranteed.

Not everyone likes the yellow color on the dollies, but it’s actually a safety feature. The color is called “safety yellow” and is designed for maximum visibility. When we build dollies, we do it in batches and they go in the powder coat oven 10 at a time for maximum efficiency and keeping our prices affordable. While a custom order is not out of the question, the production time would be longer, and the costs would be higher. However, we’re always looking to improve our product and develop new ones, so let us know if you have a custom idea and we might make it a reality.

The biggest advantages of the Jolly Dolly over similar products are the curved  and/or recessed frames, bigger axles, better components such as bearings, hubs, tires, etc. Our motorized dollies use bigger batteries, higher quality components, and a better battery charger than most motorized dollies. Be sure to see our comparison page to see how the Jolly Dolly stacks up against our competition in all areas.

No, and here’s why: Flat free tires are heavier and do not provide the bounciness that our pneumatic tires do, which is essential for providing a suspension and for powering over bumps. If you’ve had issues with flats on dollies in the past, rest assured you will not have those issues with these tires. These are not low-pressure turf tires that are prone to lose air or get flats. These are 6-ply DOT approved tires that can be pressurized up to 70 PSI and are exceptional at retention of air and pressure. 

At the present time, we do not offer international shipping. However, you can still order a dolly internationally if you arrange your own freight shipping. We will give you the weight, dimensions, freight class, and any other specifications so you can get an accurate quote.

See our pricing page for several different pricing options and then fill out the quote request for a formal quote which includes freight.

As the designer of the dolly, I’m 5 foot 6 inches tall and only weigh 135 pounds. Loading inflatables onto dollies has always been difficult for me because of the lack of height and counter weight. While that will always be a challenge for people of my size, the angled design of the dolly, foot brake, and height of the frame rails are a trifecta of benefit that gives me an edge. I cannot load every inflatable onto the dolly in every situation by myself, but I can load most of them.


Often times the determining factor will be the quality of the fold and roll. The higher the center of gravity and the further towards the rear of the dolly, the easier it is for a short, lightweight person. You can accomplish this by rolling difficult inflatable a little taller or tighter. Often you can move the dolly to the other side of the inflatable when encountering difficulty, which may shift the center of gravity giving you an advantage. 

The true weight capacity of the HD dolly is 1600 pounds, and 1000 pounds for a motorized dolly.  Don’t be fooled by dollies with higher weight capacities. You won’t fit a 2000 pound inflatable on a hand truck. If you plan on moving mostly combos, water slides, obstacle courses, and interactive inflatables in the 400-800 pound range, then our dollies are made for you.

While it’s a nice concept to have a hand truck that balances itself on a second set of wheels or swivel casters, pushing this type of dolly over terrain, bumps, or up ramps is very difficult and usually requires two people. The Jolly Dolly HD gives you the best of both worlds. When using it as a hand truck, one person can lower the dolly handles and power over bumps and up ramps. When you want to take the weight off your shoulders, you use the wagon feature and still have room on the dolly for blowers and other accessories. No other dolly is that versatile.