Power PRO Motorized Dolly for Inflatables


The Jolly Dolly Power PRO Motorized Hand Truck is the latest and greatest motorized dolly for inflatables. We designed this dolly specifically to handle heavy inflatables as well as accessories like blowers, stakes, and sandbags. It powers through grass, mud, sand, and gravel with loads up to 1200 pounds. You can even use the optional winch feature for help with rolling and inflatables!  

The powerful 36-electric motor coupled with the latest direct drive technology makes the Power PRO the most powerful motorized dolly out there. The automatic braking system prevents the dolly from rolling when you release the throttle so you can safely navigate hills and ramps. The 25-amp-hour lithium batteries give the dolly enough power and capacity to last through the longest and toughest days in the field. An onboard battery charging system recharges the batteries quickly without the need for an external charger. An LCD battery life indicator shows you the battery level and charging status at a glance.

The recessed frame cradles inflatables and the built-in retracting ratchet straps makes it easy to secure the load. Extra-wide 6-ply tires help to stabilize the dolly and power through any terrain including grass, dirt, mud, gravel, rocks, and more. Flat-free rear swivel tires take all the weight off your shoulders and allow easy maneuvering of the dolly. The variable speed dual-thumb throttle  can be operated with either hand and gives you precise speed control.

The Power PRO motorized dolly does the hard work for you, saving your back and making the job so much easier. If  you’re hauling inflatables, there’s room for accessories like blowers, stakes, and sandbags.  It’s been designed to outperform the competition and eliminate common the issues found with other electric motorized dollies such as dead batteries, broken buttons, and bad motor controllers. Quite simply, the Jolly Dolly motorized hand truck will make your life easier! The Power PRO will be the hardest working employee on your crew and you’ll have the best and most reliable motorized dolly for your growing business.

Features of the Power PRO Motorized Dolly

1. Drive System

Heavy duty direct drive transaxle and 1680-watt motor with 36:1 gear ratio can produce up to 200 ft-pounds of torque. Direct drive is the most powerful and reliable drive system of any motorized dolly.

Direct Drive axle on the motorized Power PRO dolly
Power PRO dolly climbing a ramp and holding the incline using brake

2. Brake

An electric brake automatically engages when there is no throttle input so you can stop on hills and ramps without rolling. A manual release level allows you to push the dolly if the battery dies.

3. Controls

The dolly can be precisely controlled by either hand using the double thumb throttles. Acceleration, deceleration, and braking are controlled by software to give you smooth starts and precision low speed handling. Reverse speed is limited for safety. 

The throttle and controls of a Power PRO direct drive motorized dolly

6. Batteries

The 36-volt 25 amp-hour Lithium Iron Phosphate battery back allows you to go all day without recharging. On-board charging means you just plug an extension cord into the side of the dolly and the built-in charger charges the batteries. Charging status is monitored with panel-mounted LED lights. 

5. Main Drive Tires

The primary main drive tires are 16″ diameter by 6.6″ wide 6-ply tires mounted on 8-inch powder-coated rims with a weight capacity of 800 pound capacity each. They will power through any type of terrain from grass to mud to sand and gravel.

Swivel wheels on the rear of a Power Plus direct drive dolly

4. Rear Swivel Wheels

The Power PRO is the only motorized dolly that uses the same swivel wheels as a zero-turn mower. The tapered roller bearings and robust support arms can handle heavy loads and stand up to all the bumps you will encounter while allowing you to easily maneuver the dolly on any surface. The flat free tires have 500 pound capacity each.

5. Optional Winch System

The optional 2500# winch for rolling and lifting inflatables includes a dedicated 12-volt battery with onboard charging and it’s own battery status indicator. You can control the winch from the dolly or use the wireless remote to do a one-man roll. A pulley at the top of the dolly allows you to lift inflatables up onto the dolly.  The winch battery charges simultaneously with the drive batteries so no additional charger is needed.

6. Electronics

We utilize Curtis Instruments motor controllers that are custom programmed with our proprietary software that was developed through months of real-world testing to maximize performance, handling, and safety. The dollies are carefully wired by experienced technicians.

5. Construction

The Power Plus is proudly hand-made made in the USA by experienced fabricators using quality materials. Components are laser cut and bent in a computer controlled press brake for accuracy.  The dollies is welded in a jig to insure consistency. It is then sand-blasted and powder coated with a thick, durable, and glossy finish that resists scratches and rust.

6. Testing

Our dollies have been real-world tested by large scale inflatable operators who have put them through the ringer. The current design is an evolution of changes made to improve things. Every dolly goes through a rigorous stress test before it leaves the factory. Even the slightest inconsistency during testing sends the dolly back to the assembly line to be checked out and then re-tested.

6. Warranty & Support

We stand behind our products with a 1-year written warranty and free troubleshooting help and advise for as long as you own it.  We have several ways to get help including self-help maintenance and repair videos, after hours troubleshooting on Facebook messenger,  and email support. We have parts in stock ready to ship (with expediting shipping if necessary).  We have helped many people with little to know technical knowledge repair their own dollies to avoid down time. We are also building a network of repair professionals who can service and repair our dollies.