HD Winch Dolly

The  all new Jolly Dolly HD Winch Dolly is the best and most reliable dolly for the inflatable industry with an onboard winch system.

Add a New Employee with a Winch Dolly

The HD Winch Dolly is a Jolly Dolly HD Dolly with a self-contained winching system. Use it for rolling heavy inflatables, lifting heavy inflatables up onto the dolly, tilting the dolly back, and any other task requiring heavy pulling. It saves your back and reduces labor costs.

The HD Winch Dolly has a 2500-pound winch with controls mounted on the frame rail as well a wireless remote control. The battery and winch electronics are mounted in an enclosure under the axle to keep them safe and protected. A stowable chain allows the dolly to be staked to the ground to allow heavy pulling without the dolly moving.

The battery has a 12 amp-hour battery with bolt on terminals. It will last for a full day of rolling inflatables before needing to be charged. The included battery charger maintains the battery without overcharging. Replacement batteries are easy to obtain and install. Our customers have asked for it and now it is available, the new employee added to their arsenal, The Best Inflatable Dolly in the market! Take a look at why it sets us apart from the rest.

1. Heavy Duty Frame

The HD Winch Dolly features a industrial strength welded steel frame with curved ribs designed to cradle inflatables. The six-foot-tall angled design provides maximum leverage. Vertical cargo bars allow you to carry blowers, sandbags, and accessories. It has a durable powder-coated finish that resists chipping, scratching, and rusting.

2. Heavy Duty 2500-lb Winch w/ Remote

A heavy duty 2500-lb winch with controls mounted on the frame along with  a wireless remote control. Add your newest employee to your fleet to assist with rolling those heavy inflatables with an all-in-one winch dolly. A stowable chain allows the dolly to be staked to the ground to allow heavy pulling without the dolly moving. Powered by a 12-amp hour battery in built-in enclosure.

3. Wireless Remote Control

The Winch Dolly features a wireless remote control to control all winching operations during rolling inflatables. No need to stand by the inflatable. Work the winch will standing and assisting the rolling operation with one hand using the remote control to a 2500 pound heavy duty winch.


4. Foot Brake

The foot brake makes pulling back heavy inflatables a breeze. Step on the bar with one foot and both tires are firmly chocked. The heavy-duty design makes it hold up to years of abuse. Our winch placement doesn’t get in the way of the foot brake operation.

5. Wagon Mode

The Winch Dolly converts to a wagon to take all the weight off your shoulders much like The Original HD Jolly Dolly. You can also load up a blower, tarp, stakes, extension cords, and other accessories and make one trip to the setup location. Imagine the time and labor saved when you multiply that by how many setups you do every day, every week, every month! For larger setups, you can haul blowers, sandbags, and other accessories by themselves in wagon mode, making the job much quicker and easier.


6. Construction and Warranty

The HD Winch Dolly is proudly hand-made made in the USA by experienced fabricators using quality materials. It has a quarter-inch-thick load plate, 14 gauge frame rails, and cross bars and structural components made from schedule 40 steel pipe and 3/16” steel flat bar. The dolly is mig-welded in a precision jig to insure consistency and accuracy. It is then sand blasted and powder coated to provide a durable, long-lasting finish that resists scratches and corrosion. 

We know our product is solid, so we stand behind our it with a three-year written warranty.

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