Moonwalk Dolly

If you’re in the inflatable business, you’ve probably figured out that having a good moonwalk dolly is very important. These days, moonwalks are constantly getting bigger and better, and operators need the right tools to transport them to and from the desired setup area.

A moonwalk dolly can take quite a beating when they are used to move moonwalks. Besides the weight of the unit, pathways to setup areas can often have rough terrain, soft ground, bumps, curbs, and other natural obstacles. Whether it’s a backyard birthday party, a park setup, or even an indoor event, you can always encounter difficulty.

What is the Best Moonwalk Dolly?

In 2008, someone in the moonwalk business designed a custom dolly just for inflatables. After several years of real-world testing and design improvements, the Jolly Dolly went on the market and quickly earned the reputation of being the best moonwalk dolly in existence.

Since moonwalks are round, the Jolly Dolly was designed with a curved frame and an angled design to make pull-back easier. This is the biggest advantage over any other dolly used in this business. The heavy-duty steel frame is virtually indestructible.

Wheels, Tires & Bearings
The extra wide 6-ply tires can handle just about any type of terrain including grass, dirt, sand, mud, gravel, bumps, roots, and even curbs. The one-inch grease-packed and sealed precision roller bearings last a lifetime and provide the smoothest ride possible. You will never deal with worn out bearings, bent axles, or flat tires again, guaranteed!

Wagon Feature
The dolly converts to a wagon with the optional trailer dolly for easy transport of moonwalks and other inflatables across long distances. It doubles as cart for carrying accessories like blowers, sandbags, stakes, tarps, cords, hoses, and other accessories. You can make one trip to the setup area, saving you time and labor.

Foot Brake
The Jolly Dolly features a foot brake that locks both tires into place to assist in the pull-back (loading) of the hand truck. This can be a life saver if you load moonwalks by yourself.

How does the Jolly Dolly compare to another moonwalk dolly?

There are many different dollies used in the inflatable business that portray as a moonwalk dolly. The most common are the ones from harbor freight or hardware stores. While these models claim to have a weight capacity anywhere from 300 to 700 pounds, they simply are not built to take the punishment involved in moving moonwalks in typical conditions. They also don’t have the right shape or size.

Other products on the market included heavy-duty dollies, some designed for load up to 2000 pounds, often having four wheels or more. While these hand trucks can take the weight, they often lack the curved design and height required to securely haul a moonwalk or other inflatable.

Some moonwalk manufacturers sell dollies that are basically a beefed-up version of the lightweight hardware store models. They may add an extra set tires, extra frame rails, or extra add-ons such as a hand brake. They are often made in China, and while they look useful, they are often flimsy and have cheap tires and bearings that will not last long.

The Jolly Dolly beats all competitors’ hands-down. It’s by far the best moonwalk dolly for the moonwalk business. It’s proudly hand-made in the USA with quality materials and expert craftsmanship. It’s specially designed for our industry to provide years of trouble-free operation. When you put it to work for you, you have the peace of mind knowing that it will always get the job done and never let you down. Not only does it make moonwalk’s easier but also handles water slides like a champ. Check out the best inflatable water slide dolly!