Power Plus
Motorized Dolly

The Power Plus Motorized Dolly is the original powered Jolly Dolly

The Original Powered Version

The Jolly Dolly Power Plus Motorized Hand Truck is a our original powered dolly for inflatables. We developed and perfected this powered hand truck specifically for the inflatables. The powerful 36-electric motor allows you to effortlessly move up to 800 pounds, even up hills and ramps! Three 18 amp-hour batteries give it more power and capacity to last through the longest and toughest days in the field. A 3-stage battery charging system extends short term and long term battery life. An LCD battery life indicator shows you the battery level at a glance.

Extra-wide 6-ply tires will power through any terrain including grass, dirt, mud, gravel, rocks, and more. Flat-free secondary tires take all the weight off your shoulders and will never leave you stranded. The curved frame cradles anything round, making it perfect for inflatables, pressure tanks, and more. The emergency stop button will stop the dolly on a dime and will activate if you accidentally back the dolly up into yourself. Switch from forward to reverse with the flip of a switch and enjoy precise speed control with a thumb throttle.

Our motorized dolly does the hard work for you, saving your back and making the job so much easier. If  you’re hauling inflatables, there’s room for accessories like blowers, stakes, and sandbags. You can use the optional winch feature for help with rolling inflatables. There’s no substitute for the Jolly Dolly motorized dolly. It’s been designed to outperform the competition and eliminate common the issues found with electric motorized dollies such as dead batteries, bad relays, etc. Quite simply, the Jolly Dolly motorized hand truck will make your life easier!

Power Plus Motorized Dolly Features

  • 800-pound Capacity
  • Powerful 36-volt Electric Motor
  • Chain Driven Differential Axle
  • High Capacity 18 Ah Batteries
  • Forward and Reverse
  • Precise Speed Control with Thumb Throttle
  • 3-Stage Battery Charger
  • LCD Baterry Level Display
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Powder-Coat Finish
  • Optional Winch
  • 1 Year Warranty

Drive System

The Power Plus features a 36 volt electric motor with planetary gear reduction and cooling fan, chain drive differential with #40 chain and 60-tooth sprocket. This provides plenty of power for inflatables up to 800 pounds, even over rough terrain and ramps.

power plus drive system
power plus lcd battery indicator


The batteries consist of 3 12-volt 18-amp-hour batteries with bolt-on terminals for a secure connection during operation. LCD battery level indicator. 


The dolly is comprised of high quality electrical components, controls, wiring, and connectors. We don’t take any shortcuts to insure reliablility and longevity. 

power plus primary tires

Main Drive Tires

The primary main drive tires are Kenda Loadstar 6-ply 165/65-8 with 8-inch powder-coated rims and 800 pound capacity each.

Rear Swivel Wheels & Tires

The secondary stabilizer tires are Marathon 4.10/3.50-6 inch flat free with 300 pound capacity each.

Optional Winch System

Our winch system helps you roll and lift inflatables without breaking your back. It has a 3000# winch with synthetic rope cable, and a dedicated battery, charger, and battery status indicator. You get winch controls on the dolly as well as a wireless remote. The d-ring and pulley at the top of the dolly allow you to use the winch for lifting heavy inflatables


The Jolly Dolly Power Plus features a super-strong welded steel frame with a recessed design to cradle inflatables during transport and have room for accessories such as sandbags, blowers, stake boxes, and more. It boasts a durable powder-coated finish that resists chipping, scratching, and rusting. The bright yellow color is a safety feature to increase visibility.

power plus motorized hand truck
Power Plus Motorized Dolly Construction


The Power Plus is proudly hand-made made in the USA by experienced fabricators using quality materials. It has a 3/8″-thick load plate, 14 gauge frame rails, and cross bars and structural components made from schedule 40 steel pipe and 3/16” steel flat bar. The dolly is mig-welded in a precision jig to insure consistency and accuracy. It is then sand-blasted and powder coated to provide a durable, long-lasting finish that resists scratches and corrosion.

Warranty & Support

We know our product is solid, so we stand behind our it with a one-year written warranty.  Should anything go wrong, we offer troubleshooting advise over the phone as well as YouTube videos that show basic maintenance and repair procedures. Although we stock any parts you might need should anything break, rest assured that most replacement parts can be obtained on Amazon or eBay even faster and cheaper than you could get from us. See our product data sheet for more information.