Jolly Dolly HD

The Jolly Dolly HD is the best and most reliable dolly for the inflatable industry.

The gold standard of heavy duty dollies for the inflatable industry

The Original Jolly Dolly is the result of years of being the owner of an inflatable rental company and putting prototypes to use on a daily basis. We have designed the best and most durable dolly on the market today! After taking consideration of all of our customers on what they wanted to see the most in what we would call “The Ultimate Inflatable Dolly”, The Jolly Dolly was born complete with a hand truck and wagon. Take a look at why it sets us apart from the rest.


The Jolly Dolly features a super-strong welded steel frame with curved ribs designed to cradle inflatables. The six-foot-tall angled design provides maximum leverage. Vertical cargo bars allow you to carry blowers, sandbags, and accessories. It has a durable powder-coated finish that resists chipping, scratching, and rusting.

2. Wheels, Tires and Bearings

Unmatched by any competitor, the Jolly Dolly features extra wide 6 ply tires mounted on a massive axle with 1″ solid spindles and heavy duty, high speed, precision, grease packed, sealed roller bearings. This combination delivers the smoothest ride of any hand truck in existence. You never have to worry about worn out bearings or bent axles again!

3. Wagon

The jolly dolly converts to a wagon to take all the weight off your shoulders. You can also load up a blower, tarp, stakes, extension cords, and other accessories and make one trip to the setup location. Imagine the time and labor saved when you multiply that by how many setups you do every day, every week, every month! For larger setups, you can haul blowers, sandbags, and other accessories by themselves in wagon mode, making the job much quicker and easier.

4. Foot Brake

The foot brake makes pulling back heavy inflatables a breeze. Step on the bar with one foot and both tires are firmly chocked. The heavy-duty design makes it hold up to years of abuse. This is by far the most effective and solid braking system on any hand truck.

5. Construction

The Jolly Dolly is proudly hand-made made in the USA by experienced fabricators using quality materials. It has a quarter-inch-thick load plate, 14 gauge frame rails, and cross bars and structural components made from schedule 40 steel pipe and 3/16” steel flat bar. The dolly is mig-welded in a precision jig to insure consistency and accuracy. It is then sand blasted and powder coated to provide a durable, long-lasting finish that resists scratches and corrosion.

6. Warranty

We know our product is solid, so we stand behind our it with a three-year written warranty.

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